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Pokertropolis believes maintaining fair play and security is paramount. In turn, we have instituted poker rules and house procedures to maintain the integrity of the site, as well as all the poker games found within. Our Online poker rules are based on standard poker rules that can be found in the majority of 'brick and mortar' poker casinos.

Note: Registration and use of your Pokertropolis account indicates your acceptance of all our poker game rules and procedures. Failure to agree and/or follow any of these rules may result in your being barred from play.

All decisions by Pokertropolis are final, binding, and conclusive.

Please choose one of the following for more information:

  Eligibility Taxes and Duties Age Limit Cards Legality Bet Limits Sitting Out

  Inactive Accounts Cap on Raises Currency Betting Order Rake Table Stakes Only

  Minimum Buy-in Player Chat All-Ins and Time Outs Posting of Blinds Waiting List The Buy-In Collaboration


In order to be eligible to join and play at Pokertropolis:
1) Online poker games must be a legal activity in your legal jurisdiction.
2) You must be of legal age and residency to play as determined by the laws in your jurisdiction.

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Age Limit

You MUST be 18 years of age or the legal age of majority in your jurisdiction, whichever is greater.

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Pokertropolis is hosted in Costa Rica. All of the poker games we offer Online are legal under the jurisdiction of the government of Costa Rica.

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Inactive Accounts

Accounts that remain inactive for a period for 1 (one) year and have an account balance of less than 10 dollars shall be closed, and the balance shall be forfeited.

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All Online wagers and financial transactions on Pokertropolis are in US currency.

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Taxes and Duties

Taxes, duties, and fees applicable in connection with any and all prizes awarded to you by Pokertropolis are your sole responsibility. Pokertropolis recommends that you check the laws in your jurisdiction to determine what, if any, action you may need to take.

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For Five Card Draw Poker and Lowball Poker games, the deck is a 53-card deck with one joker. All other Online poker games feature a standard 52-card deck with no wild cards. The deck is shuffled before each hand. Click here for more information on Pokertropolis's shuffling procedures.

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Bet Limits

Bet limits are determined by the table limits (i.e. "no limit", "pot limit" or
"limit" tables) and maximum bets. In the case of limit poker games, the stakes will be determined by both the bet limit and when the betting occurs. For example, at a $2/$4 poker table, the limit on any bet is $2 on the earlier betting rounds and $4 on the final betting rounds.

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Cap on Raises

At Pokertropolis we allow a bet and 3 raises per betting round at ring poker game tables and 1 bet and 5 raises on heads-up poker tables.

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Betting Order

The betting order begins with the player clockwise from the dealer button, and proceeds in a clockwise manner around the table.

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The rake is money removed from each pot by the house. Our variable rake structure is 5% of the pot size. This rake is used to pay the house, as the winnings go to individual players.  Click here to see our rake schedule.

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Sitting Out

You may sit out for 15 minutes at a time when there are one or more active players (players that are not sitting out) at your table. If you sit out for more than 15 minutes with one or more active players at your table Pokertropolis will automatically remove you from the table.

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Table Stakes Only

You may only wager with the chips you have on the table prior to the start of a hand, and only obtain additional chips in between hands. Should you run out of chips during a hand, you will automatically be considered "All In" regardless of whether you have additional funds in your account.

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Minimum Buy-in

The minimum buy-in is 10 times the small bet. This means you need $100 to enter the $10-$20 poker game, $50 to enter the $5-$10 poker game and $20 to enter the $2-$4 poker game.

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Player Chat

Poker is a social game, and Pokertropolis lets players socialize at the table via the chat feature. However, there are a few rules that must be observed by all members:

• All chatting must be in English. No exceptions.
• Abusive behavior, flaming, and swearing will not be tolerated. Violators may lose chat privileges, and may lose playing privileges.
• Chatting can be distracting to some players. Politeness and discretion is mandatory.

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All-Ins and Time Outs

Please see the All-In section for information on how Pokertropolis handles All-Ins caused by time-outs and/or connection problems. Click here to learn more about All-ins.

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Posting of Blinds

In poker games where there are blinds, players are required to post the Big Blind prior to their first hand, and must post the small blind and big blind once per round. Should you miss your blinds turn, you must post the equivalent upon reentry of the game. Players that attempt to avoid their blinds by jumping in and out of the game may lose their playing privileges. Review

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Waiting List

If a table you want to join is already filled to capacity, you may choose to join the waiting list and be alerted when a seat opens up.

If you wish to join the waiting list for a table, simply click on the "waiting list" displayed in the lobby, and then choose the options (or specific table) you are waiting for.

When you are alerted to an opening, you will have the option to immediately join the table, ask to be reminded later, or cancel your waiting list request. If you're ready to join, click "join table" and you'll immediately join the room. Click on the seat that says, "Sit Here" to get started.

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The Buy-In

You may not join a table with less than 10 times the small bet limit of its betting structure except for our $0.25/$0.50 poker games. For example, if you choose to sit at a $5/$10 table, the minimum buy-in is $50.

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Collaboration or cooperation between players (also called collusion) is strictly prohibited. Players found in collusion will be permanently barred from Pokertropolis.

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