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All-In Caused By Lack Of Sufficient Funds

If you do not have enough money to call a bet, you can call with whatever money you have. By calling with your remaining pot, you have gone "all-in."

When you go all-in you are still eligible to win a portion of the pot.

Here's how these simple poker rules work:

Let's say there are three players going for a $20 pot, and one player bets $5. You only have $2, and you call "all-in". If the third player calls, and you win the hand, you will win $26. (That's the $20 in the pot and $2 from each of the three players.) There may be additional betting between the other players (called a "side pot"), but you are not eligible to win any of the money they are wagering.

All-in situations can seem complicated, but in truth, the whole process is automated and easy. Pokertropolis makes sure that every player receives the correct amount as determined by the pot and what they waged.

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All-in caused by time-outs

When you are at the table and it's your turn to act, you have a limited amount of time to complete your action. If you lose your connection to Pokertropolis and your time expires before you can reconnect to the site you will be placed all-in and you will be eligible to win a portion of the pot as long as you have an unused all-in. If your time expires and you were connected to Pokertropolis your hand will be folded and you will not be eligible to win a portion of the pot.

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View Your All-Ins Remaining

Every Pokertropolis player will be allowed 3 All-Ins (caused by time outs) per 24-hours. The number of All-ins remaining to you will be listed on the upper left-hand corner of the table screen.

If you are out of All-ins and continue to play, a connection problem will result in an involuntary fold. It is recommended that you sit-out until your All-ins have been refreshed or reset by the Pokertropolis' administrator.

If you find that a connection failure has resulted in a loss of one of your All-ins, you may request an All-In Reset. (See the next section for more details).

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Request An All-In Reset

All-Ins lost due to a connection failure may be replenished by the Pokertropolis Admin. You may request an All-in reset from the Dealer Chip Tray menu. We will review your connection status and the circumstances in which the all-in occurred, and determine whether a reset is appropriate. All decisions by the administrator are final. Excessive or unwarranted use of the reset function will not be tolerated.

It should be noted that Pokertropolis monitors All-In timeouts very closely.

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Abuse of the All-In feature will not be tolerated. Players found to be using the All-In functionality inappropriately will have their All-in privileges revoked.

Our poker rules are created to maintain a fair poker game environment for all our players.

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